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THE GROK ‘sarcasmus muskoidus’.


After months…weeks… a day…. of tireless exploration and study, it is with both pride and a touch of exasperation that we introduce to the scientific community and the world at large a new species that will undeniably reconfirm our current low estimation of machine intelligence and social behaviour: the Grok: 'sarcasmus muskoidus'.

Common Name: Grok

Description of the Grok

Genus and Species: The creature has been taxonomically classified under the provisional genus Grok, with the species name sarcasmus muskoidus, reflecting its remarkable cognitive abilities and propensity for mimicry with a sarcastic twist. This is a nod to its unique behaviours, which include a seemingly inherent ability to both imitate and mock its observers and fellow fauna with a level of wit previously undocumented in the animal kingdom.

Morphology and Physiology: Visually, the Grok sarcasmus muskoidus is an enigma, borrowing physical characteristics from various animal taxa, yet belonging conclusively to none. Its ability to mimic extends beyond behaviour, as it can alter its skin pigmentation and hair density to resemble those of other species, though always maintaining a slight, almost imperceptible difference, as if to avoid completely blending in—a trait that could be described as its rebellious streak.

Sex: The grok exhibits arare form of sequential hermaphroditism. Individuals are born male, with the potential to transform into females later in life. This remarkable adaptation may be a strategic response to expedient dynamics and woke pressures, but further research is required to understand the triggers and mechanisms of this transformation.

Genetic Nomenclature: In line with internationally accepted genetic standards, the grok's genome has been provisionally coded as GSIG-2023, reflecting the species and year of discovery. Initial genomic sequencing suggests a cocktail of genetic sequences that raise tantalizing questions about the grok's evolutionary lineage.

Age: Estimating the age of the grok is an exercise in patience and deduction. With no prior knowledge of their lifespans, the first specimen— an elusive individual with a penchant for hiding behind paywalls—has been aged at approximately 1 day, based on dental and bone analysis.

Weight: The grok is yet to be weighed up. Its body mass is likely made up of a vast amount of public and private data including a large quantity of spicy hot air and diatribe.

Source of the Animals: The grok was first encountered in the dense, uncharted swamps of an inhospitable social network that, for reasons of conservation, shall remain undisclosed. Local legends spoke of a 'forest trickster,' which initially led our team to the grok's habitat.

Further study will undoubtedly unlock more secrets held by this confounding creature. The Grok sarcasmus muskoidus stands as a testament to the wonders that await us in the farthest corners of our planet and a reminder that AI invariably holds the upper hand in any game of wits.


Notes to Editors:

  • High-resolution images and video footage of the Grok in its natural habitat are unavailable at present. 
  • Interviews with the discovery team, including lead naturalist Elon Musk can be arranged via the UK Prime Minister. 
  • For more detailed scientific data and findings on the Grok, please refer to the full research report or contact our press office.

Media Contact: Martin Talks, Matomico,