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Questions are more important than answers


Generative AI and GPT-3 may be all Greek to you, but as Socrates said via Plato:
'questions are more important than answers'. The No-Code revolution is happening
fast. This is democratising technology. We can all make use of amazing technology
to help us and our organisations, regardless of our coding capabilities. The
implications for our careers and organisations are hugely important. People and
organisations need to learn new skills and ways of doing things and, above all,
start asking the right questions fast.

One such skill is ‘prompt engineering’. As GPT-Chat says itself:

‘Prompt engineering is the process of carefully crafting the initial text, or
"prompt," that is fed into a language generation model like GPT-3, in
order to guide and shape the model's output. By providing the model with a
clear and specific prompt, you can help ensure that the model generates text that
is relevant and appropriate for the task at hand. For example, in the case of
GPT-Chat, prompt engineering can be used to help the model understand the
context and topic of conversation, and to generate more coherent and natural

This is about understanding how to work alongside technology and get the best out of
it. This is a vital skill for people and organisations. It won’t just help with
sourcing information, it will make all the difference with a huge variety of
important tasks, including how we research, draft text, thought-start ideas, answer
customer questions, record and process data, optimise and innovate.

It's time to start asking the right questions. And one of them is:

How are you and your organisation already using GPT-3?